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     Serving the community through education has been my passion since I graduated from college. I am the parent of four children who attended Newport-Mesa Area 2 Schools. I was an active part of both a Parent Faculty Organization (PFO) and a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) culminating as president of both. I was an elementary teacher in Costa Mesa and a middle school teacher in Newport Beach. I moved on to be an Adult Education Principal at Pomona, Sonora, and Davis for N-MUSD and was the first N-MUSD Science/Math Coordinator. Most recently, I was the principal of Eastbluff Elementary and Harbor View Elementary for 11 years.


     As a member of the Newport-Mesa community since 1976 (or for 42 years), I have been proud to see our district maintain excellence while meeting the challenges facing public education. As a teacher, I know the passion it takes to help our youth gain the skills needed to be successful in the rapidly changing world. As an administrator, I know how difficult it is to balance the needs of students, parents, and teachers, while keeping fiscal, maintenance, and district goals in check. As a parent, I know that all of us want the best for our children.


     I wish to continue to serve our community as a Trustee for the N-MUSD Board of Education. I want to be a part of a model public education system that challenges students to succeed in college or career. I want to make sure teachers can offer the highest quality instruction through rigorous lesson plans that integrate critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. I want to support the high expectations for student behavior and create a climate where students are safe to be personally accountable for their actions. I want to enjoy the results when each high school zone focuses their efforts, both academically and artistically. I want to be a Trustee for the Newport-Mesa Board of Education.

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