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I want to continue serving as Trustee, Area 2 for the Newport-Mesa School District because my rich background as a parent, teacher, principal, administrator, and Trustee for our district allows a unique insight into the diverse needs of all the individuals in our community.  It is my desire to continue using my passion for public education and my experience with students, teachers, parent, and community members to focus on what’s best for our students.


My strengths include communication, availability, follow-through, and an outstanding work ethic.  I dedicate my time to “showing up” at events, performances, community meetings, educational study sessions, and professional conferences. This also increases my availability to our stakeholders.  I am energized by the people that support, work, and/or attend the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.


Three areas I would like to target during my second term are:


  • Ensuring the safety at all sites in the District while maintaining a welcoming climate.  Student and staff safety are the utmost concern.


  • Increasing student services, both academic and social/emotional, to help students cope with the challenges of a demanding curriculum and social media pressures.  We need to provide intervention for those students who are not mastering the standards and we need to provide challenging, rigorous opportunities for those students excelling.

  • Maintaining our fiscal solvency as retirement and benefit costs skyrocket, and litigation becomes commonplace.

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