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School Safety


School safety is of the utmost concern in today’s world. This includes maintaining secure access to each site without creating an “institutional” atmosphere and ensuring each school has air conditioning for optimal learning conditions for both students and staff. Safety also includes providing the properly trained and certified professionals who can recognize when the stresses and pressures on every student have reached a critical mass and assist students and families with coping and healing strategies and/or directing them to professionals in their community.

PreK-12 Curriculum

Every student needs to receive an outstanding education directed at mastering the rigorous academic standards for all students. Early childhood education is part of our social structure now, especially in households dependent upon two-parent incomes. The curriculum should be seamless in transitions from PreK to Elementary to Middle to High School. Additionally, electives should be broad at every campus in arts, service learning, technology, languages, and more to generate experiences that provide both future career choices and a sense of belonging to their school.


Budget and Funding


The main funding priority is to remain solvent, while keeping our employees competitive with other districts and other industries.  With that assumption, funding should be balanced and weighted toward the sites.  Administration knows that we are in the business of teaching and that occurs at each campus.  Health benefits and staff compensation should be examined to make sure we remain in the top 25% of the county.

College, Career & Technology Education


Twenty-first century students need awareness and training to be successful in their post-graduate world.  All classrooms need to have the tools to support the technological demands placed on our students.  From elementary school through graduation, students need to be exposed to various pathways which will allow them to be active participants in the global job market. Teachers need training and tools to support and guide their students as they master skills which they will need to follow their passions.

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